Welcome to my website on DIY jet engines and gas turbines. This website is dedicated to promoting the education, use, and safety regarding gas turbines. It is intended to pass along information to persons that are interested in jet engines and gas turbine engines.


One of the recent aircraft video documentaries has stated, “If the Wright Brothers first flight was aviation’s greatest milestone, then the advent of the jet engine [aircraft gas turbine] was certainly the second greatest milestone.” It is no doubt that the aircraft application has driven the development of the gas turbine. As an example, the cores of aircraft gas turbines have been used to power ships, large generators, pipeline compressors plus many other applications.


Gas turbines are amazing engines for the amount of power produced for their size, the amount of exhaust they put out, and the wonderful turbine sound. Gas turbines have been around for almost a century and have been flying for 70 years. However, it has taken this long to evolve a design for a small gas turbine that is inexpensive and can be fabricated by someone with average shop skills and operated safely by someone familiar with engines.

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Warning! These turbine engines shown in these pages can be very dangerous. The use of any design features shown herein does not imply approval. Serious injury or death can occur while operating turbine engines due to explosive fuels and extreme kinetic energy in the operating rotating parts. Depending on the parts and operating conditions, the kinetic energy can be as high as a small bomb. All suitable precautions should be taken including eye protection, hearing protection, and leather gloves.